Restoration Orthopaedics and the Coronavirus (COVID-19)


A COVID-19 Message from Restoration Orthopaedics:

Please bear with Restoration Orthopaedics as we, like the rest of the nation, attempt to adapt to the needs of our patients and community. As COVID-19 continues to spread throughout our region, our team is doing what we can to serve the community and support our colleagues at this critical time.


We will continue to be in contact with patients with previously scheduled visits. While we will still have scheduled office hours, these will be for urgent and emergent visits only. For other patients, we will offer telemedicine visits via skype, zoom, or doximity dependent on patient and office capabilities.

All “elective surgeries” are on hold until further notice.


May reach out to our office staff at 201-226-0145 or email the office at [email protected]. Again, we are only offering in-office visits for urgent or emergent cases. These will be evaluated on a case by case basis for the safety of our staff, existing patients, and community. If the reason for your visit is not urgent or emergent, telemedicine visits are also available and can be scheduled through the office. Please reach out to Office Manager Mercedes Dervitz at 201-226-0145 with questions.


We continue to assist the overwhelmed hospital systems and emergency rooms at Hackensack University Medical Center, The Valley Hospital, and Chilton Medical Center. The situation with COVID-19 is changing every day and Restoration Orthopaedics and the hospitals are trying to minimize hospital traffic. While we continue to help the hospitals staff the ER for orthopaedic call and select trauma cases, “elective surgeries” will be on hold indefinitely. As a general rule, hospital stays should be minimized and visits to the emergency rooms should be avoided when possible.


The shortage of PPE equipment across New Jersey, New York, and the nation is well documented. The physicians at Restoration Orthopaedics have been working tirelessly to help other frontline healthcare workers and hospital systems obtain satisfactory PPE. It is paramount to Restoration Orthopaedics to help supply emergency room physicians, nurses, physician assistants, first responders, doctors, and other frontline medical staff with proper equipment. Dr. Lindholm, Dr. Keller, and Dr. Allert have been and will continue to be working with international companies, the FDA, OSHA, and the NJDPA to resource adequate PPE and assess the quality of masks to make sure they are optimal.


We agree with the #StayAtHome initiative and ask that our patients and community stay safe and bear with us.  We are attempting to best serve our patients by continuing to adapt to the situation at hand…in the office, on the telephone, in the emergency rooms, and in the operating rooms.

For further information on COVID-19 relevant topics and updates:



Stephen R. Lindholm, MD

Julie M. Keller, MD

Jesse W. Allert, MD