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          Notice of Privacy Practices

          Restoration Orthopaedics keeps record of the healthcare services we provide you. You may ask to see and copy that record. You may also ask us to correct that record. We will not reveal your records to others unless you direct us to do so or unless the law authorizes or tells us to do so. You may see you record or get more information about it by contacting our office’s practice manager.

          Acknowledgement of Receipt of Privacy Practice

          I, received a copy of the Office's Notice of Privacy Practice.

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            Personal Medical History

            Do you have, or had:Family HistoryRelated surgeries/complications
            Anemia Yes
            Asthma Yes
            Bleeding Disorders Yes
            Bone Injury/Fracture Yes
            Cancer Yes
            Chronic Pain Yes
            Diabetes Yes
            Drug/Alcohol Abuse Yes
            Epilepsy/seizures Yes
            Gout Yes
            Heart Arrhythmia or Murmur Yes
            Heart Disease Yes
            Heart Stents Yes
            Hepatitis or Liver Disease Yes
            High Blood Pressure Yes
            High Cholesterol Yes
            Joint Problems/Arthritis Yes
            Kidney Disease Yes
            Ligament/Tendon Injury Yes
            Lung Disease Yes
            Lyme Disease Yes
            Nerve Problems Yes
            Rheumatologic Disease Yes
            Sickle Cell Anemia Yes
            Thyroid disorders Yes
            Tuberculosis Yes
            Other: Yes




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              HIPAA Compliant Authorization for the Release of Patient Information

              Pursuant to 45 CFR 164.508

              I authorize and request the disclosure of all protected information for the purpose of review and evaluation. I expressly request that the designated record custodian of all covered entities under HIPAA identified above disclose full and complete protected medical information including the following:

              All medical records, meaning every page in my record, including but not limited to: office notes, face sheets, history and physical, consultation notes, inpatient and outpatient and emergency room treatment, all clinical charts, reports, order sheets, progress notes, nurse’s notes, social work records, clinic records, treatment plans, admission records, discharge summaries, requests for and reports of consultations, documents, correspondence, test results, statements, questionnaires/histories, correspondences, photographs, videotapes, telephone messages, and records received by other medical providers.

              All physical, occupational and rehab requests, consultations and progress notes

              All autopsy, laboratory, histology, cytology, pathology, records and specimens; radiology records and films; nerve conduction studies, EKG and cardiac catheterization results; videos/CDs/films/reports

              All pharmacy/prescriptions records including NDC numbers and drug information

              All billing records including all statements, insurance claim forms, itemized bills, and records of billing to third party payers and payment or denial of benefits

              I understand the information to be released or disclosed may include information relating to sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS and alcohol or drug abuse. I authorize the release or disclosure of this type of information.

              This authorization is given in compliance with the federal consent requirements for release of alcohol or substance abuse records of 42 CRF 2.31, the restrictions of which have been specifically considered and expressly waived. You are authorized to release the above records to the following representatives:


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                Assignment of Benefits


                To (Insurance Company):

                In considering the amount of medical expenses to be incurred, I, the undersigned, have insurance and/or employee health care benefits coverage with the above captioned, and hereby assign and convey directly to the above named healthcare provider(s), as my designated Authorized Representative(s), all medical benefits and/or insurance reimbursement, if any, otherwise payable to me for services rendered from such provider(s), regardless of such provider’s managed care network participation status. I understand and agree that I am legally responsible for any and all actual total charges expressly authorized by me regardless of any applicable insurance or benefit payments. I hereby authorize the above named provider(s) to release all medical information necessary to process my claims under HIPAA. I hereby authorize any plan administrator or fiduciary, insurer and my attorney to release to such provider(s) any and all plan documents, insurance policy and/or settlement information upon written request from such provider(s) in order to claim such medical benefits, reimbursement or any applicable remedies. I authorize the use of this signature on all my insurance and/or employee health benefits claim submissions. I hereby convey to the above named provider(s), to the full extent permissible under the law, including but not limited to, any ERISA claim for benefits, breach of ERISA fiduciary duty, and ERISA claim for statutory penalties for failure to produce documents or information in accordance with ERISA §502(a)(1)(B), §502(a)(3) and §502(c)(1)(B), under any applicable employee group health plan(s), insurance policies or public policies, any benefit claim, liability or tort claim, chose in action, appropriate equitable relief, surcharge remedy or other right I may have to such group health plans, health insurance issuers or tortfeasor insurer(s), with respect to any and all medical expenses legally incurred as a result of the medical services I received from the named provider(s), and to the full extent permissible under the law to claim or lien such medical benefits, settlement, insurance reimbursement and any applicable remedies including, but not limited to, (1) obtaining information about the claim to the same extent as the assignor; (2) submitting evidence; (3) making statements about facts or law; (4) making any request, or giving, or receiving any notice about appeal proceedings; and (5) any administrative and judicial actions by such provider(s) to pursue such claim, chose in action or right against any liable party or employee group health plan(s), including, if necessary, bring suit by such provider(s) against any such liable party or employee group health plan in my name with derivative standing but at such provider(s) expenses. Unless revoked, this assignment is valid for all administrative and judicial reviews under PPACA, ERISA, Medicare and applicable federal or state laws. A photocopy of this assignment is to be considered as valid as the original. I have read and fully understand this agreement. Should this assignment be prohibited in part or in whole under any anti-assignment provision of my policy/plan, please advise and disclose to my providers / Restoration Orthopaedics in writing such anti-assignment provision within 30 days upon receipt of my assignment, otherwise this assignment should be reasonably expected to be effective and such anti-assignment is waived.


                To: Restoration Orthopaedics

                I acknowledge the possibility that a check and/or checks may be sent directly to me instead of you, my provider. I understand this money is not mine even though the check may be written to me. I understand you are billing my insurance company as a courtesy to me but the money paid by the insurance company belongs entirely to you. I, therefore, agree to immediately, but certainly no later than 48 hours upon receipt of any such monies, forward this money directly to you. I will make no attempt to negotiate what portion I send to you. In any event, I acknowledge and agree that I am legally responsible for any charges for service rendered to me and I will pay all fees including any co-pays or deductibles, if applicable.


                NOTE:   Please read the above agreements carefully and make sure that you understand all the terms and conditions before signing below. If you do not understand, please review contents with the staff prior to signing. Your signature confirms that you have read and fully understand all the agreements, terms, and conditions above. Agreed and Accepted by:

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