I have been trying for a few weeks now to put into words my feelings about Dr. Jessie Allert and the way he took care of me during an emergency injury I suffered from falling down an entire flight of steps. I was SO LUCKY to meet him at Chilton Hospital since he was on call for emergency trauma duty that day. The moment he walked into the room I felt safe, which was very surprising to me since I was so frightened. As soon as Dr. Jesse started to speak to me it was obvious that he was an extremely kind, caring and VERY smart man. It initially took some time to diagnose what was wrong with me because of issues with swelling and bruising from the fall. When it became apparent I would need surgery that is when Dr. Jesse stepped in and took charge. He spoke to myself and my family and made us feel so much better about the situation. The surgery went well but there was a moment afterwards when I didn’t wake up as I should have and ended up in ICU. That was very scary for both Dr. Jesse and my family. I am so grateful that he was there for them in those moments and for me throughout this entire experience. I had an additional issue in rehab where I developed a staph infection which concerned him. He continued to go above and beyond, keeping an eye on me and my condition even without being completely affiliated with the rehab facility my insurance placed me in. I would recommend Dr. Jesse not only for his skills and his ability – but just as important to many patients for his personality and caring nature. It was always a great experience to go see him, to be able to understand exactly what was happening or what the next steps were because he took the time to explain them carefully. He always made sure I understood what my options were and exactly what was happening. When I went in for my last appointment with him I knew I didn’t want to say goodbye, but I had to move on from this injury for my own sake and for my family. I do know I would recommend him without hesitation to my family and friends when someone needs an orthopedic surgeon. If you are considering him, please make the right decision, so you can be as lucky as I was to be cared for by him. I can guarantee you will have the same wonderful experience that I did with Dr. Jesse Allert and the entire staff at Restoration Orthopedics.

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