Sandra M.

I cannot say enough positive things about Dr Lindholm. This amazing man, gave my mother the ability to walk again after a fall, a surgery gone bad, and a long wait due to complications beyond anyone’s control , for a total hip replacement. There were a number of factors in my mothers case that threatened a negative outcome. Dr Lindholm had a plan, he explained, ever so patiently to myself, and my mother, his plan, utilizing a model of the prosthesis, and her x-ray. He was confident, without being cocky, kind, smart, patient, and an all around nice person. He seemed genuinely concerned about my mother, her outcome, and her understanding of the entire procedure. (a rare quality in a surgeon to sit and explain – not five words and run out of the room) After operating on my mom, he also sat down, took his time in explaining the details of how the procedure went, and already had a back-up plan, and a back-up to his back-up , just in case some of the negative factors involved in my mothers case, did not turn out as we all hoped. This is impressive. Having a long history with ortho surgeries with complications myself, it is unusual to find a doctor this kind, compassionate, and smart.